Suburban Homesteading

When I was young, I dreamed of living on acres of land, raising livestock (with lots of goats), building dozens of garden beds, a huge fruit orchard, a huge pasture, streams to explore, and a beautiful country home with a wraparound porch.   Not to much to ask for, right?    Well fast forward almost twenty years, and I am surrounded by an absolutely incredible family, wonderful friends, I have a successful career, and we live in a nice home within a fantastic suburb in the Bay Area.   No wraparound porch, no pastures, and no streams, but I have learned (so much) in those twenty years.   Topping the list is the value of being at peace with the present, I mean the present is a gift, right?!   So, with that in mind, we shifted from ‘dreaming of homesteading’ to simply ‘suburban homesteading’.

Value Travel

The word “value” can refer to both emotional significance and monetary worth.   A family’s “values” are the guiding principles or standards that members of a family unit uphold.   Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed the adventure of traveling.   Getting ‘away’ and gaining a new perspective has always felt healthy for my mind and spirit.   As a family, we recognize the many blessings we have in our life, and the ease of our daily routine, but with that, comes a different type of learning when we explore beyond the boundaries of our routine.   At our core, we maintain a belief in conservation of resources (natural, human & capital).   With that in mind, we have committed to sharing the joys and adventure of value traveling with our children.

Nurturing Relationships

My mother in law shared an invaluable analogy with my husband years ago, that we have committed to carrying into our every day.   A relationship is like a bucket with a small hole, there is a constant drip...and you should continue to fill it.   Nurture your relationships and invest your time- it’s the most valuable currency you have.

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